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We sponsor panels at the Annual Meetings of the American Political Science Association, the African Studies Association, and the International Studies Association. We also maintain an active presence at the Annual Meetings of the International Studies Association, which has its own African Politics organized section.


The African Politics Conference Group currently sponsors panels at the following conferences: the American Political Science Association; the African Studies Association; and the International Studies Association. We also maintain a presence at the Midwest Political Science Association but do not sponsor panels, as MPSA has an organized African Politics section, which currently hosts as many as 16 panels a year.


APCG members have served as section chairs at all these conferences, allowing our members to be represented on panels sponsored by other sections as well as our official APCG panels.


Should individuals wish to apply for participation in APCG panels, please subscribe to the organization’s newsletters and follow the instructions provided therein.


2016 & 2017 Conference Selection Committees

[* denotes committee chair]


American Political Science Association 2016

* Melinda Adams, James Madison University

* Bruce Magnusson, Whitman College


African Studies Association 2016

* John Heilbrunn, Colorado School of Mines

Martha Johnson, Mills College

Lindsay Whitfield, Roskilde University


International Studies Association 2016

* Kevin S. Fridy, University of Tampa

Milly Lake, Arizona State University

Joseph Yinka Fashagba, Landmark University


American Political Science Association 2017

* Claire Adida, University of California-San Diego

*CĂ©dric Jourde, University of Ottawa


International Studies Association 2017

*Kevin Fridy, University of Tampa

Milli Lake, Arizona State University

James Hentz, Virginia Military Institute