Since 2014, APCG has been an organized section of the American Political Science Association (APSA). 


Membership fees are only $10 a year, and an APCG membership can be easily added through your MyAPSA webpage once you have logged in. On the right hand of the screen, under “account options,” click on “add a section.” Our section number is 44.


Relationship with APSA

There are two good reasons to join APSA. First, APCG must maintain 250 paid members to maintain our status as an APSA organized section. Without 250 members, we risk deregistration as an organized section, which will have significant implications for the organization’s finances and organizational reach. 


Secondly, APSA has been very supportive of our community. Since 2008, the organization has eight APSA-in-Africa workshops to train African and American graduate students and junior scholars. More than 140 Africa-based scholars and 30 US-based scholars have participated in these workshops.
In addition to these workshops, APCG’s organized section status has resulted in much greater presence for Africanist political science at the APSA Annual Meetings. This has also resulted in much greater methodological diversity in the kind of Africa-related research presented at APSA. In 2015, APCG sponsored or co-sponsored nine panels at APSA, and our members appeared on many others.